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Decline to Sign Abortion Petition

Posted: 2024-02-21 07:03:57

[EAN NOTE: The following is copied from an email from Protect Arizona Children Coalition sent on 2-20-24] A group called Arizona for Abortion Access is currently collecting signatures to get an up to birth permanent abortion amendment called The Arizona Abortion Access Act on the 2024 ballot. If passed, what would this ballot initiativ ...

Arizona Education Officials Attended an SEL Conference Held in Portlan

Posted: 2024-02-16 05:41:16

2-13-24 / Peggy McClain / Not In Our Schools The Communist Whole/Community School philosophy is alive and well in Arizona despite efforts from parents and concerned citizens to stop its implementation. Sadly, it is already a runaway train with tentacles reaching from the overbearing federal government to Arizona’s Department of Education, Ar ...

Oklahoma Superintendent Ryan Walters appoints 'Libs of TikTok' creator

Posted: 2024-01-25 04:47:10

[EAN NOTE: We could sure use something like this in AZ!] By Brendan Clarey | Chalkboard News | 1-23-24 Oklahoma Superintendent Ryan Walters announced Tuesday that he had appointed the creator of a social media account known for its outspoken criticism of sexualized materials in school libraries to an advisory board that will govern them. Walters ...

Governor Hobbs Attack on School Choice!

Posted: 2024-01-22 06:49:13

[Protect Arizona Children Coalition email on 1-19-24]   Governor Hobbs and anti-school choice lawmakers want to gut school choice funding options for parents! Tens of Thousands of Arizona families rely on school choice funds to send their children to private schools or to educate their children at home. Here are five easy ...

Federal Government To Spend $700k On Trans-Inclusive Sex Ed For 14-Yea

Posted: 2024-01-18 07:33:00

By  Spencer Lindquist • Jan 16, 2024 The costly program seeks to create an "inclusive teen pregnancy program for transgender boys." The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is awarding nearly $700,000 taxpayer dollars to back pregnancy prevention programs for young girls who identify as b ...


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