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Urgent! Exempt Your School From Title IX Changes by JULY 15TH!

Posted: 2024-07-12 06:44:56

Email on 7-9-24 from Protect Arizona Children Coalition (PACC) Are you a member of Moms4Liberty or Young Americans for Liberty? If you answered no, maybe you should be. Your membership could make a big difference in protecting children and young adults students from harmful gender ideology, as well as keep biological male ...

Nonpartisan Save our Schools Arizona Displays its Partisan Stripes

Posted: 2024-06-25 13:43:03

April 21 ,2024 / Peggy McClain / Not In Our Schools The face of government schools is the Democrat Party, mainly due to the tight association with teachers unions and lobbyists like the local Save Our Schools Arizona (SOSAZ) organization. Media soundbites are used to trick voters into thinking they care about children, and overall the public schoo ...

Arizona GOP Candidates and The Big Tent

Posted: 2024-06-23 07:54:40

June 21 ,2024 / Peggy McClain / Not In Our Schools Our society looks at children as consumers, not necessarily as people. Apparently, it is simple to make a lot of money off our youth. In this era of social media, pick a cause, attach a photo of a cute kid, and beg for money. If you want your name in lights, run for office using the contacts a ...

More State Dollars Allocated to Arizona Teachers For SEL and LGBTQ Cla

Posted: 2024-06-21 04:39:28

June 2, 2024 / Peggy McClain / Not In Our Schools Because there aren’t enough organizations, policy groups, lobbyists, and think tanks charged with educating our youth, another was created years ago in Arizona. Is it a surprise it was Governor Jane Dee Hull, a Republican, who took advantage of Arizona taxpayers when she created the Arizona K ...

New Louisiana Law Requires Ten Commandments Be Displayed in All Classr

Posted: 2024-06-20 05:20:54

[EAN NOTE: 1 down...] 6-19-24 - Bill Pan - The Epoch Times Louisiana is now the first state to mandate that the text be displayed at all public schools and colleges. Louisiana has become the first state to enact a law mandating that the Ten Commandments be prominently displayed at all public schools and colleges. Under legislation that became l ...


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