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Middle School Students Exposed to Gender/Sex Club in Higley

Posted: 2023-01-24

by Peggy McClain on January 20, 2023 in Not In Our Schools

Remember that time families left ultra-liberal Tempe and Phoenix to move to the southeast valley suburbs for quiet neighborhoods and safe schools? We are at the point where there is no place else to move, every community has been taken over by radicals who won’t leave children alone.

This week a middle school in Higley Unified School District took a field trip to Higley High School. This is what the students encountered at the high school. Higley High made sure the visiting middle schoolers were aware of clubs on campus, even this sexually deviant club.

Do Higley High School parents know if their children are attending the Gender Sexuality Alliance Club? As AZ Free News reported, it was revealed a gender club sponsor was sneaking around parents in a Scottsdale school. Is the Gender Sexuality Alliance Club in Higley doing the same thing? What does “Confidential” mean? Is the sponsor tiptoeing around parents? There are a few Arizona statutes which have been broken with this club.

But wait, there is more.

All sex education in Arizona is opt-in only. Did the parents of the minor attendees sign an opt-in form for the confidential on-campus activity? Does the Gender Sexuality Alliance get around this law because it is a club? The club is using a public high school and public funds during the school day, while most parents assume sex education occurs in a health or biology class. Lawyers dwell on small details, but the result is what counts.

On January 18, 2023 there was a bill heard in the Arizona Senate Education Committee. SB1001 addresses pronoun usage in Arizona schools. In an interview on James T. Harris’s morning show, Senator John Kavanagh described his intentions. Basically the bill requires staff at school to address students by the pronouns that correlate with their DNA. Part of the reasoning is when kids are encouraged to use different pronouns, parents are not often alerted. This is a potential life-changing situation and parents should be involved with this decision. Several crossdressers, one who is a teacher and one who is a school board member, used public comment to encourage the committee to vote no on the bill so they could continue sneaking behind parents’ backs under the guise of helping students.

Check out the tweet below and the gestures by the man in black while another gentleman expressed support of the bill.

Remember previous Arizona Superintendent of Schools Kathy Hoffman and her QChat which she linked to her department’s website? That link has been disabled, but the damage was done. Minors in Arizona were lured (sometimes by school counselors) to the website where they had sexual discussions with strangers, unbeknownst to their parents. Planned Parenthood was one of the sponsors.


It is creepy that Planned Parenthood stalks children from conception until age 18. The groomers at the abortion mill have something called the Rainbow Room in Pennsylvania. Notice the reference to teachers.

Community Briefs: Rainbow Room to expand; Agenda PAC’s new political ad – Philadelphia Gay News (epgn.com)

Planned Parenthood says they don’t groom children (eyeroll). Here are some photos from the Rainbow Room Instagram and the abortionists are definitely participants.

Notice the last panel, Planned Parenthood is hosting an LGBTQ event at their own Rainbow Room. Of course, there is a drag queen advertised. And what better way to turn innocent students into political activists for George Soros than by throwing in some anti-gun propaganda while they’re at it?

What does the Rainbow Room in an eastern state have to do with Arizona? Sexual groomers are everywhere, hiding behind all kinds of clubs and organizations with happy-sounding names. This will continue unless parents demand schools in Arizona follow the law and quit promoting sexual agendas to minors. Parents must speak up but they are afraid. They are afraid of being doxed, afraid of their kids being bullied, and afraid of repurcussions from the district. So who is really the bully? The little “No Hate” emblem on the poster at Higley implies anyone who doesn’t support the group is a hater, putting even more pressure on kids to join.

Will Higley parents look the other way or demand answers and changes from the district? We are at a crossroads at this moment. We are in a war with no shots fired. Our battle is with a satanic, child-hating enemy. Which parents will step up to protect their kids?



SOURCE: https://www.notinourschools.net/middle-school-students-exposed-to-gender-sex-club-in-higley/


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