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Arizona Higley USD School Teacher Kaitlyn Atienza Arrested Friday for Alleged Sexual Misconduct with Student

Posted: 2023-10-30

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EXCLUSIVE: Arizona Higley USD School Teacher Kaitlyn Atienza Arrested Friday for Alleged Sexual Misconduct with Student

Last week I broke a story about a massive school board coverup of a Paradise Valley Unified School District High School Teacher in Arizona committing suicide after a police investigation and pending arrest for multiple victims of student sexual misconduct. After pressure from the article, the Principal admitted the police investigation of teacher sexual misconduct with a student and that the teacher was placed on leave before her death.

Now another astonishing story of an alleged LGBTQ teacher grooming and preying on a student, this time after an arrest of a Higley Unified School District High School Science Teacher named Kaitlyn Piper C. Atienza in Gilbert, Arizona who was arrested on Friday, October, 27, 2023 by Gilbert Police Department for alleged sexual misconduct with a female student. Multiple witnesses including parents close to the story have confirmed it.

One anonymous witness confirmed that the below photo is of the suspect Kaitlyn Piper Atienza and an anonymous Parent confirmed it saying “My son has her right now. The substitute told him on Friday that she was expected to be out for 2 weeks. I can confirm that’s her. I just showed my son.” 

Neither Gilbert PD nor Higley USD has responded so far to requests for comment. If the nearby PVUSD is any indicator, the Superintendent and School Board of Higley will attempt to cover up the story by hiding behind “an active police investigation” and leave parents, students, and victims completely in the dark with minimal and dishonest communication to the smallest possible groups.

According to an anonymous parent, “Last year another teacher there also had a relationship with a 14 yo student. What you probably don’t know is Aaron Dunton was a teacher at Power Ranch. He received several complaints from parents and teachers about his conduct with female students. The principal, Chris Reuter knew of his behavior and wrote him a rec for a position there. 6 young girls from power ranch came forward. In addition to this the district was aware of his behavior because parents made complaints with them as well.”

Another anonymous teacher confirmed this report saying: “The principal at Power Ranch, Chris Reuter, is currently suspended and the assistant principal, Michelle Cota, was suspended for a month in 2021. I know all the details of the Aaron Dunton case and how Sherry Richards and Chris Reuter covered it up”

“Aaron Dunton was the last teacher from power ranch elementary. They wanted to move him from power to another elementary and he declined. They then offered him a position at the high school where he lasted less then a year. There is a lot of police reports regarding this and multiple news stations picked it up. Police reports regarding girls from power ranch that reported him and nothing was done. Coincidence he was best friends with the principal”

"Higley sweeps a lot of stuff under the rug. Including writing up teachers at the elementary school that complained about Dunton."  said another anonymous commentator close to the story.

Dunton’s case was dismissed pending further investigation which is still active. Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchel sent the case back to the Gilbert Police Department for more investigation to be done following the arrest. Dunton resigned from the school after the allegations were made. During the investigation, police said another victim came forward with allegations against Dunton from when he was a teacher at Power Ranch Elementary, which is in the same district as Higley High School. Police said the victim was 11 when the alleged incidents happened. Dunton was booked into a Maricopa County Jail on four counts of aggravated assault, one count of tampering with a witness and two counts of contributing to delinquency and dependency. “We have a responsibility not to proceed with prosecution unless and until we are able to support our burden of proof,” MCAO said in a statement. According to Karla Navarrete-Contreras, an MCAO spokesperson, the motion to dismiss was filed without prejudice, meaning the office can re-file charges against Dunton once more information is collected. “The case is still active, the investigation is still active and we’re working with the police agency on that,” Mitchell said.

Earlier this month, Highley USD made news covered in AZ Family, as a father undressed to a crop top to emphasize the change in new dress policy. “The former policy, which hadn’t been updated for more than two decades, wouldn’t allow for a student to expose their chest, abdomen or midriff. The updated version only restricts students from exposing their underwear.”

“Before they had some guidance, but now they have no guidance. It’s just ‘kids cover your underwear’,” the the father said.

The Highly Board Members Made Some Ironic Remarks, Given this Breaking News of Sexual Misconduct:

“I would ask you to look at Queen Creek, Chandler, Gilbert and other Arizona schools who have developed more lax dress codes. We want teachers to be teaching and not having to waste time measuring a girl’s shirt or making a girl feel uncomfortable.” – Tiffany Shultz, Governing Board President

So Tiffany’s concern is about making a girl feel uncomfortable about clothes but not a Teacher sexually assaulting her?




“I believe Higley is doing that, we have remarkable academic programs, high student achievement, athletic programs, and extracurricular activities that continue to make Higley a wonderful place to receive an education.” – Amanda Wade, Governing Board Member

Not so wonderful after all. Is grooming and predation by teachers the kind of extracurricular activites you meant Amanda?




A FULL Investigation is needed immediately along with an immediate and transparent email and statement from the Higley USD Board and Superintendent to ALL Parents of the district calling for other victims to come forward and providing support. Please ask any parents, students or victims to reach out to me.

Brian Ference is an Independent Journalist and Citizen Reporter covering Politics in Arizona.
You can Contact him or Follow him on Truth Social and X.


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