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How Schools Are Teaching Children to Hate Their Country, Their Neighbors, Themselves: Kimberly Fletcher

Posted: 2023-11-06

American Though Leaders 11/4/23

Roe v. Wade was overturned, and now the states are—rightfully so—deciding for themselves whether or not abortion will be legal or illegal, and several states made it illegal. So, what happens to those abortion clinics? So, they have gone from being abortion mills to gender confusion factories. And now you can go in there—don't have to tell your parents. 'Everything's fine, we'll give you a breast binder, we'll give you drugs, and we can even set you up for surgery.' It's a new economy for them."

Kimberly Fletcher is the president and founder of Moms for America, a national movement of mothers fighting for liberty, family, and the Constitution.
"If you can't show it on TV and you can't air it on the radio, then you can't have it in the classroom. So, that's a pretty simple standard. It's already a standard that’s set by the FCC [Federal Communications Commission]. You can go to fcc.com, and you can see what is the standard. We have parental guidance, we have ratings on movies, we have literature that says, ‘Okay, this is for this age. This is for that age.’ Why don't we have that in schools? Why is parental guidance in schools taboo?" says Ms. Fletcher.
We dive into the problems with America's education system and discuss "Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities," a new EpochTV documentary film that explores the harms associated with gender ideology and transitioning minors.
"You think that you're sending your children to school and they're going to get the same things that you got when you went to school. You're going to get history lessons. You're going to get reading and writing and classical literature. And what I was seeing was a lot of sex. They had these books on sex and they were literally introducing sexual concepts to children as early as kindergarten," says Ms. Fletcher.
Watch the documentary here on Epoch TV:

Moms For America:
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