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Children caught on camera destroying Scottsdale charter school for 90 minutes, shattering nearly 30 windows with rocks

Posted: 2024-01-17

[EAN NOTE: Why would kids do this? Do they hate Charter schools? Are they "traditional" public school kids? Is someone puttting them up to this?]

ANDREW CHAPADOS 1-16-24 The Blaze

Apair of adolescents were caught on camera vandalizing a Scottsdale, Arizona, charter school by hammering the building with rocks for more than an hour.

BASIS Scottsdale, a charter school for students in fifth grade to 12th grade, saw its third case of mass vandalism in the last year.

School staff arrived on a Monday morning to see that nearly 30 windows were smashed or damaged on campus. Two young boys were pictured on surveillance cameras using rocks to break glass inside and outside the building, destroying windows in the gymnasium, front lobby, a staff office, and at least eight classrooms, ABC 15 Arizona reported.

School officials told reporters that the two boys spent 90 minutes going around the school to break windows and spent more than 10 minutes to get through sections of glass in some instances. Most of the damage was inflicted on the lower-level windows of the building.


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